AcuNeuro & Wellness Clinic

Neuro Acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine  

Phone: (416) 427-1241


Q: How long does each treatment last?

A: Each treatment lasts 25-30 minutes.

Q: How many treatments do I need?

A: Normally a treatment cycle will require 10 sessions, where milestone of healing can be experienced. Depending on individual medical condition, total treatment cycles required vary from patient to patient.

Q: How frequently do I need treatment?

A: Depending on individual medical condition, treatment frequency can vary from 1-5 times a week during initial treatment stage. New frequency will be suggested after reassessment.

Q: Is Neuro Acupressure similar to reflexology?

A: No. Reflexology works on meridian system. Neuro Acupressure works on nervous system directly.

Q: Will I feel pain?

A: No. Therapist only applies gentle pressure on foot instep area by finger tips. No treatment marks will be left on skin. No needle or any instruments involved. During treatment patient normally lies down flat on table completely relaxed.

Q: Will I be able to wean off my medication after treatment?

A: After significant improvement achieved, patient is encouraged to discuss with their respective physician about any adjustment or change needed for their prescription medication.

Q: Are your services covered by insurance?

A: Yes. Our services are covered by:

    * Employee Extended Heath Benefits.

    * Auto Insurance (MVA)

    * Workers Safety Insource Board (WSIB)

We can help you determine the extent of your coverage.

Q: Is your therapist a licensed health professional?

A: Yes. The therapist is a registered TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioner with many years of clinical experience.