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"Hi Heather,

When I first came to you I had serious knee pain on my right knee due to degeneration. By the 10th session of Neuro Foot Acupressure I no longer have that same knee pain. I have even started exercising again and noticed that the knee pain did not return. I am actually very thankful for having found you and your practice. I am looking forward to more sessions of Neuro Foot Acupressure for other areas that need improving. 



- Razida M., Mississauga, ON


“I have suffered from sinus congestion and pain for several years. The sinus pain becomes significantly worse during high seasonal allergy months (for me, this time takes place between May and September) during which time I often have to take allergy medications on a daily basis. The allergy medication would often cause me fatigue or an increased heart rate. I began seeing Heather in June 2011 for this reason, and am continuing to see her. Throughout the entirety of the summer, I did not have to turn to allergy medication, and I attribute this wonderful change to the foot nerve therapy that I have been receiving. Thanks Heather! ”

- Sharon N., Brampton, ON


“Hi Heather

Couldn’t be thankful enough for the difference your acupressure treatments made to the quality of my life. It was like a miracle that right after few sessions of Neuro Foot Acupressure treatments my severe migrant headaches I used to suffer every month before and after my period was completely gone.

I have no hesitation in recommending your Neuro Foot Acupressure treatments to anybody

Thanks again Heather”

- Anuja F., Mississauga, ON


"As a psychotherapist, I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders and end up experiencing severe pain in my neck, shoulders and back. Nothing ever helped me, until I tried Neuro Foot Acupressure with Heather - what a difference! But it didn't end there. With all the driving I do, mild-mannered as I am, I can become a bit aggressive when frustrated. After my session, I mellowed out to the point that I drove calmer than ever - it was an unexpected surprise, one that assured me that the treatment reached my central nervous system indeed. Naturally, I've been recommending Neuro Foot Acupressure with Heather to everyone. But don't take my word for it - try it out for yourself and you'll be amazed at the results!"

- Rebecca R., Toronto, ON


“I first came to Heather Cheng to receive NFA (Neuro Foot Acupressure) treatments for water retention and circulation. I have excellent heart health and take no medications, so the water retention I was experiencing was in my connective tissue, versus being caused by complications due to high blood pressure or heart complications. I do have a familial pre-disposition to circulation challenges. Since Heather explained to me that NFA is designed to work with the body’s own energy to clear resistance, this unique treatment appealed to me.

Over the years, I have come to understand that mainstream medicine and treatments can be applied only after a problem has already presented, but the practices leave no room for prevention of illness or disease, and they certainly have no success in treating chronic disorders. In addition, pharmaceuticals and surgery take a tremendous toll on the body – treatment of one area can affect other areas of the body, with effects that can last for years, creating early aging symptoms.

I have personally embraced alternative health care methods – massage, acupuncture, reflexology, chiropractic and naturopathy. What all of these modalities share in common is that they approach health in a holistic way – understanding that there is always cause and effect. Our mind, body and emotional state are significantly connected and they are all affected by what we eat, what we think and how we move physically.

I am not medically trained, but through my own personal education on health management, I have learned that our bodies are brilliantly designed to withstand tremendous strain and duress. Our bodies carry trillions of cells and each cell is intelligent – independently always reaching for survival. We, collectively as a society, have not been educated about what we can do to support this already well-designed machine to run at its optimum. Instead, we have learned to treat symptoms, thereby suppressing our bodies’ own natural response. Medications, stress and everyday living add such a burden to our bodies, that resistance or confusion sets in – at the cellular level, in our bones, in our joints, in our arteries, in our circulatory systems and in our minds.

I believe NFA is an excellent starting point to “unplug” the body’s resistance and to draw upon the body’s natural inclination to heal itself. I have experienced tremendous relief from water retention in my connective tissue and improved circulation since I started a course of non-invasive NFA treatments. Added benefits have been a noticeable increase of energy, creating in me a natural side effect of craving more physical activity and healthier food choices.

Heather Cheng is a supreme professional – taking the time to conduct a thorough assessment initially and checking in on progress at each treatment to reach for continuous improvement. She has an excellent understanding of all natural health modalities and how they work together. She is a collaborator with the patient, and this makes for a most effective treatment – a dance, if you will. I highly recommend that you consider engaging in a base line of NFA treatments to experience for yourself, the power of initiating this self-empowering kick-start to optimum health.


T.L., Toronto, ON”

- T.L., Toronto, ON


"Heather has demonstrated an incredible talent to treat conditions through simply pressing areas on my foot. I have had chronic neck and back pain that has been treated bi-weekly by a chiropractor for years. Since visiting Heather, I have discontinued my chiropractic treatment and living with significantly less pain. I personally don’t fully understand how her treatment works, but I do know the results have been successful for me!"

- Sue L, Mississauga, ON


“I started seeing Heather about a month ago and she has been a tremendous help in terms of improving my stress levels. I have been dealing with reoccurring headaches and emotional stress for years as well as poor circulation and a sluggish digestive system. I feel Heather's Neuro Acupressure technique has begun to dramatically help in healing my body and mind via the nervous system. After 8 treatments my sleep patterns have improved, my digestive system seems stronger and my emotional wellbeing is elevated. I have more strength, energy and focus for things such as exercise, sports, relaxation strategies and positive thoughts. I look forward to how much further Heather's treatments can take me and recommend her treatments to my family members.”

- Justyna M.  Toronto, ON

“I just wanted to thank you for treating me last week with neuro acupressure. I felt amazingly better after my first treatment. Prior to my treatment, I was unable to turn my neck completely to my left, my neck was very stiff and painful. After the treatment I was able to turn my head without the pain. Also, my headache was gone completely. I felt great. thank you so much. ”
-  Marie R.  Brampton, ON

“In response to your inquiry regarding my sinus issue, I am pleased to inform you that since the last three months I have no issues with my sinus problem. Thank you for introducing me to the Neuro Foot Acupressue. I am optimistic that continuing with NFA will help me get rid of my other ailments without medication and it's side effect. Thank you. ”
- Victor D. Mississauga, ON

“I had extremely severe eczema all over my body! The eczema had gotten so extreme that I had to miss a week off of school. The dermatologist prescribed steroid creams, which helped greatly and removed all of my eczema. However, in a few weeks, the eczema returned. When I went back to the doctor, I was instructed to reapply the steroids until the eczema cleared up again, and to always use the steroids whenever the eczema returns. However I did not want to use steroids constantly on my skin because steroids are harmful to the skin. That's why I decided to start neuro acupressure.


When I started my neuro acupressure treatment with Heather, I saw a great improvement in my eczema. The sessions were extremely relaxing and calming and I always felt better at the end of each session. They were the highlight of my week! During the sessions, I could feel parts of my body heat up or cool down (which indicated that the healing energies were working on me). After two months of treatment (once a week for one month, and twice a week for the second month) most of my eczema had disappeared! And my face had started producing natural oils and retaining moisture once again (so it had been restored to its natural function)! I also started feeling very healthy and energetic, and my focus in school work drastically improved! The best part about the treatments was that my skin always improved after each session, and my eczema does not show any signs of returning!”


- M. J. Mississauga, ON

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